How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer? (Easy Steps!)

Although making a pillow top mattress firm can be challenging, there are several ways to do so. The process of making a firm mattress softer is easier than making a soft mattress firm.

A firm mattress with a softer side can be a good choice for couples since couples mattresses can be tricky when it comes to comfort. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can make a Pillow Top Mattress firmer.

Step by Step Guide to Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer:

While you sleep, your body is cushioned and supported by the pillow top mattress. When you wake up without support, you will likely feel stiff and achy, as if you haven’t slept at all.

The extra padding that lies on top of pillowtop mattresses makes them softer. It may be possible to firemen up your pillow top mattress to make it more supportive and less soft if you do not like the current softness.

It is unlikely that the padding layer on top of your mattress affects the support it provides. In order to get the best results of your hard work, please read & follow all the provided tips & steps carefully. To get started, follow the steps given below.

  • To begin with, you must remove the pillowtop mattress from your bed as well as the box spring. Afterward, you should inspect the bedframe. You cannot have a firmer, more supportive pillowtop mattress if your bed frame is sagging.
  • After tightening all the screws, you can reassemble your bed frame if you see there are complications during the adjustment process. If you notice that it needs to be disassembled, you can take it apart before reassembling it.
  • The next step is to remove the box spring and bed frame. In order for your pillowtop mattress to sag, it must be in good condition and working properly. Sags will occur if the item is old or not functioning properly.
  • Try sleeping on your mattress for a few days directly on the floor to see how the support changes.
  • Your mattress should then be topped with a foam mattress pad. It is recommended that you use a narrow enough foam mattress pad so it only covers the area of your mattress when you share a bed with someone who picks softness.
  • Your mattress pad keeps the sheet from sliding when it is placed between the sheet and the mattress. You can keep your mattress and pad from slipping by laying a piece of shelf liner between them.
  • As you normally would, make your bed. Assemble your foam pad and attach it to your pillowtop mattress’ raised edges using safety pins. The pad will not slip off of the mattress when you sleep on it.
  • The pillowtop mattress must also be replaced. Mattresses with pillow tops are made to be soft but still support the body. As a result, you may need to select a mattress with a higher number of springs, a lower gauge of springs as well as a higher number of springs if the pillowtop mattress is not providing the best support. Neither results in a softer pillow top mattress than the other.

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How Important Are Pillow Top Mattresses?

It seems that way for whatever reason, so you will need to get one of these. When performed properly, pillow-top mattresses can last for many years. The pillow will provide adequate support and balance, as well as provide you with comfort while sleeping.

A pillow made of this material could be just what your head needs! In fact, your sleep experience could be enhanced by choosing the right pillow top mattress.

Why do we Need a Firm Bed?

You need more firm bedding for a variety of reasons. You are finding the bed quite soft then you expected. Furthermore, you can relax over time with a few beddings. For those who have back issues, your treatment might advise lying down on a more grounded surface after they crush it in the spirit. You might also need a sleeping cushion if your partner has moved. 

When It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Sleep is important for a good day. It is common for aches and pains to result from too soft mattresses, as well as tossing and turning at night. You may find that buying a new mattress with the right level of firmness is more beneficial than spending time and money trying to fix your existing mattress.

This is particularly true if you’re debating whether to upgrade an old mattress or not. If you are looking for other options, then you can read our Best Firm Mattress that dont sag guide to get check other options. Consider a mattress that comes with a trial period to guarantee that it’s the right mattress for you when you make the decision to purchase a new mattress.


Can a mattress topper firm up a mattress?

To modify the feel of a mattress, a mattress topper rests on top of it. The right mattress topper can also add firmness to a mattress that is too soft. Many people use mattress toppers to soften a bed that is too firm.

Does putting plywood under a mattress make it firmer?

Do-it-yourself mattresses are supported with plywood that is cut to fit the mattress size, which makes the mattress firmer. This is useful for mattresses that tend to be too soft overall, or for mattresses or box springs that sag in certain areas from age.

Can we put a mattress protector on a pillow top mattress?

Mattress protectors should cover the parts where your body is directly in contact with them. Essentially, you are simply protecting it in the same way that you would if you were directly sleeping on it. It means that the top of the Mattress Topper must be covered by the mattress protector.

Do firmer mattresses benefit your back?

Choosing the right mattress is important if you suffer from back pain. A firmer bead is considered to be a cause of back pain by many people. Not all users agree with this claim. This can also lead to extra problems since firm bedding does not allow the spine to naturally bend.

Wrapping Up: Making A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer?

This will enable you to have a firm pillowtop mattress that will support your weight and give you comfort whenever you need it. This has been our answer to the question, How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer? Hopefully you can put these tips to use. Be sure to read it thoroughly before making any decisions, as there are many options and steps. So whata are you waiting for?