❤️[6 Easy Steps] How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug?

This blog post will focus on How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug? It discusses why you would want to do that, and then gives three different ways of doing so. The first is by using a bucket with water in it, the second is by using your Straight Stick, and the third is by using duct tape. We hope this helps!

How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug?

For Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug Is not a rocket science you have to use a strait stick into a gradual point Now cut the point and round it by blunting the sharp end of your stick. Now wrap your stick using duct tape now for testing purpose insert your plug in the hole of mattress and finally wrap the end of plug using duct tap.

Follow These Steps For How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug?

How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug? when you’re in desperate need, you’ll do anything to get your mattress plugged. These methods that are mentioned below are easy to do and don’t require any heavy tools at all!

1. Use Straight Stick:

You’ll need a straight stick that is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. You will also need to cut the tip of the stick in a gradual, round shape so it’s not sharp when you poke it into your mattress.

2. Blunt The Sharp End Of Straight Stick:

You will need to make the pointed end of your straight stick less sharp, using any material that can blunt its shape. Duct tape is a great option for this since it’s thick and has strong adhesive.

3. Wrap Stick Using Duct Tape:

You’ll then want to wrap the end of your straight stick in duct tape so you don’t get hurt when poking it into the mattress. This is also good because if it has been blunted with something else, you may not have gotten it totally dull yet, which means you risk hurting yourself while trying to plug your air mattress!

4. Test Your Plug By inserting In the hole:

Insert your plug by testing it in the hole of your air mattress. If it doesn’t fit, you may have to continue to use your straight stick until the plug is able to be inserted easily.

Inserting your plug can sometimes take a few tries. You’ll want to try slowly and gently, before forcing it in there. If you have a leak already, you will need to patch it first. This may be your best option for getting rid of that pesky water while preventing any further leaks.

5. Inflate Your Air Mattress And insert the plug:

Finally, and inflate your air mattress and insert the plug into the hole, using duct tape. You’ll know if it’s in correctly by noticing that the hole will be sealed shut, and there will no longer be any air leaking from it.

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6. Outside the air mattress Put duct tape at the end of plug:

You can also completely seal your plug by either using another strip of duct tape, or by taping it with the same piece you used to wrap the base. This will prevent any air from leaking out later on in time if you don’t plan to use it immediately.

This is the best method for How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug? By doing this simple process, your mattress should be ready for sleeping straight away! Hopefully this blog post helped you find a solution that works well for you and saves some frustration trying to plug that thing back up! We hope this helps!

Plugging an air mattress without the actual plug is not as hard as many people may think.

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How to plug air mattress hole?

The air bed may pop or leak over time. If this occurs, you need to know how to plug the hole in order to continue using it. A small pinhole can be plugged with a few simple household items that you probably already have around the house. However, larger holes will require a special patch kit or repair kit available at most camping and sporting goods stores.


Make sure there is no excess material inside the hole (if there is any). Try blowing into the hole again if material is still present; make sure all of your saliva comes out of the mattress through the hole and not back into it. You can also use compressed air from an electronic compressor if one is available.

Apply a small patch over the hole using an adhesive-backed vinyl patch. Make sure the patch is large enough to cover all of the hole as possible. This can be purchased at most camping and sporting equipment stores, or perhaps even your local hardware store.

You may also use a household equivalent such as duct tape or clear packing tape if you don’t have access to a vinyl patch.

If there is excess material inside the hole (if there is any), blow into it so that it comes out through the hole and not back into it.

You can also use compressed air from an electronic compressor if one is available, or put your mouth on it and blow air into it until all of your breath has been expelled from the mattress. This will inflate the hole to its maximum size, allowing you to use a larger patch if needed.

If there is still excess material inside the hole (if there is any), apply a small amount of water onto it using a clean sponge or cloth. You can also use dish soap if available, but be sure that all lather has been washed off before proceeding.

The water will cause whatever material is blocking the hole from being pushed out by air pressure through the hole itself. If this doesn’t work, try again with another small amount of water and check for results afterwards.

Fixing air mattress with duct tape

  • Lay the air mattress flat.
  • Cover all of the leak with duct tape. 
  • Busy taping it to make sure that there is no more leak.
  • Blow up it once you are satisfied with the result. 

Some people also suggest using an object so as to cover any holes if they cannot be patched, and inflate until one inflates through the various objects without being too tight or too loose.


How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug? If you find yourself in a bind and need to plug your air mattress but don’t have the actual plug, there are some other ways that can work. One option is to use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment or an electrical cord with alligator clamps on either end.

These will both allow for suction from one side of the connection while allowing electricity through from the other side. In order to do this, simply clamp down on each end of your chosen attachment tightly and place it over your valve stem.

The two pieces should fit together perfectly so be sure not to let go until finished! You may also want to invest in an electric pump made specifically for inflating mattresses if you think this might happen more often than once.

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