How to Put Sheets on a Split King Bed? (Easiest Way!)

How to Put Sheets on a Split King Bed?

How to put Sheets on a Split King Bed?

Stretch out the fitted sheet over the bed’s four corners after raising one side of the split bed as high as possible. After that, lower it and repeat on the other side of the bed. Ensure both sides are fully reduced before finishing the mattress like a standard king bed.

Let’s define a split king bed and explain the distinction between standard king size and split king size.

If you already understand this, you may move on to the next part; if not, a standard king-size bed comprises a single mattress that is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, and a single fitted sheet covers the entire bed. 

However, with Split King Beds, two twin mattresses 48 inches wide and 80 inches long are placed on the cot, and 2 separate fitted sheets cover the twin mattresses, followed by one single sheet covering both mattresses and, of course, extra pillowcases.

How to put Sheets on A Split King Bed?

Not every bed requires the same procedure to be followed while putting on sheets.

However, putting up bed sheets on a split king does need some correct guidance on how to do it without causing too much disruption. But don’t worry, we’ve made the procedure simple for you.

  • First and foremost, you will need two separate bed sheets for your twin king-size beds. Check that the measurements of the sheets correspond to the dimensions of the mattresses.
  • Set up your twin mattresses with separate bed sheets.
  • Then, using the single king size bed sheet, cover one side of your split king bed.
  • Now, take the opposite side of the sheet and attach the elastic or suspenders, depending on the style of the sheet, over the mattress’s edges to keep the bed sheet from moving and remaining firm on your bed.

And it’s done already!

How To Keep The Sheets On A Split King Mattress?

Finding a good-fitting sheet may be another challenge with an adjustable split king mattress.

You don’t want the cover to move or bunch up since it will ruin the aim of the attachment. As a result, please use twin XL sheets to compliment each mattress used by the split king bed.

We’d like to give some helpful advice for making covering more comfortable: raise the head area of each mattress.

You should immediately discover the corners in this position to obtain a snug fit. If the sheets continue to slip off, you may simply place sheet straps on each corner.

After that, finish your bed with a king-sized sheet and blanket. If you have additional accessories, such as a mattress pad, place it on top of the bed before covering it with the king-sized sheet.

Different Types of Sheets for Split King Sheets and Their Advantages:

Split king adjustable bed sheets are now offered in five different varieties. If you’re looking for the most extraordinary flexible mattress sheet, each one has its own set of benefits to consider. Read the label to find out if the item may be machine washed.

  1. Adjustable Split King Supima Cotton Sheets: These sheets are made from one of the market’s most muscular and pleasant cotton fibres. You’ll have more durable king-size sheets for your adjustable frame’s twin extra-long mattresses since the natural fabric lasts 35% longer than ordinary cotton. Because these sheets are meant to encourage pleasant slumber, they are breathable and long-lasting.
  2. Adjustable Split King Tencel Sheets: Tencel split king flexible sheets are an excellent alternative for sheets for an adjustable bed since they are incredibly durable while staying soft and silky. The fibres are more muscular because they are made from eucalyptus wood pulp rather than cotton. Tencel sheets are gentler than cotton sheets and hence ideal for those with sensitive skin. Another benefit of using this type of sheet for XL mattresses, split queen mattresses, queen mattresses, or extra-long mattresses is that it may absorb moisture from your skin, keeping you comfortable all night.
  3. Adjustable Split King Microfiber Sheets: Microfiber sheets, as the name implies, are constructed of tiny woven threads. The thickness of the fibre utilised is described by the terms “thickness” or “denier.” A higher denier number implies that the sheet is thicker. A low denier sheet is thinner. If you have a split-type adjustable bed, microfiber sheets are an excellent choice for your mattress since they are soft, smooth, and firm. It is machine washable like cotton sheets; however, the first wash may cause shrinking.
  4. Adjustable Split King Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Egyptian cotton sheets are frequently linked with high-quality, luxury mattress covers. There are several benefits to utilising this product. There is no piling since fibres are made up of long filaments. Two, the thread count is more significant, suggesting that the materials used to produce your sheets are higher quality. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton sheets are porous, making them perfect for people who sweat at night.
  5. Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets: Cotton split king adjustable sheets provide wrinkle-free linens for your split mattress. The thread count may reveal information about the quality and suppleness of the linen. Cotton also makes your bed sheet permeable, which allows you to sleep cool and comfortably.

Steps To Put Sheets On A Split King Bed

If you’ve already chosen the material for your sheets, here’s how to place them on your mattress.

Step #1. Prepare

Arrange the sheets that will be used. If desired, you’ll need two sheets for each mattress, plus a king-sized sheet. Make sure the sheets are appropriately sized for each mattress to fit snugly.

Step #2. Slip it in

Cover one side of your divided mattress with a sheet. Place the sheets on each mattress. Place the sides of the sheets on the bed one at a time. If elastics or suspenders are required, use them.

Sheet fasteners can be used to secure the sheets when tossing and twisting. You may also get a fitted sheet that fits both beds. This will give the impression of a single King-sized bed.

Step #3. Enjoy

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep by adding your preferred bedding and other accessories.

Can I use Regular sheets on my Split King Bed?

You can. However, putting it on the two beds would require a significant effort. Furthermore, the sheet will not stay firm on the two mattresses and will quickly slide off, requiring you to put it up repeatedly.

Furthermore, the sheets would accumulate between the two mattresses, causing you to lose sleep at night. That is why you must use sheets explicitly designed for Split King Beds.

How to Put Fitted Sheets on a Split King Bed?

The easiest way to put fitted sheets on a split king bed is to first make the beds separately and then put the fitted sheet on one of the beds.

Once the sheet is on one of the beds, pull it across the gap between the two beds and tuck it in. Then do the same thing with the other side of the sheet.

Another way to put fitted sheets on a split king bed is to make it like you would a normal king-sized bed. Make sure that when you are making the bed, you leave enough space at each end for each person to sleep comfortably.

What Kind of Sheets Do You Use for a Split King Bed?

There are a few things to consider when shopping for sheets for a split king bed. The two mattresses in a split king bed are usually about the same size, so you’ll want to find sheets that fit both mattresses.

You’ll also need to decide what type of sheet material you want. Sheets can be made from cotton, flannel, silk, or other materials.

Finally, you’ll need to choose the thread count of your sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer and more expensive the sheets will be.


Split king mattresses are becoming popular among mattress manufacturers and consumers looking for a new mattress due to their adaptability and several benefits. There are various benefits to having a split king bed, whether standard or adjustable.

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